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How to login to get Teacher Reports:

Browse to the NWEA Reports Login page.

Enter your User Name and Password to login.
(Contact your friendly Instructional Technology Coordinator to get a reminder or a new one.)

Click on the "Teacher Reports" link located under Online Reports.
Select the desired Term (Ex. Fall 2008)
Select "View by RIT Ranges"
Click Submit.

This prints a report containing RIT scores and subject goal scores for your students organized by class.

Once you have the student's RIT scores and ranges, you can use the following documents to determine each student's level of instruction in each of the goal areas.

Algebra (172 KB)
Data (145 KB)
Geometry (261 KB)
Number and Computation (373 KB)
Evaluate Credibility, Validity (106 KB)
Phonics, Vocabulary, Word Analysis (323 KB)
Read and Comprehends Text (150 KB)
Read to Identify Text, Locate Information (297 KB)
Respond to a Variety of Text (126 KB)
Alignment Study
RIT vs. Kansas Assessment (492 KB)

New Version of Des Cartes for New State Standards (Common Core)
Grades 2-5
Grades 6+


2011 Comparative Data for Informed Instructional Decisions
2011 Normative Data Reference

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